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Santo Antoninho

26 May 2010 / 1 Comment / in bica, lisbon, santo antoninho, stage


This is a sweet little square, a couple of steps from where I live. For 11 months of the year, it’s either deserted, or populated by hash smoking youngsters from the nearby arts college, but in June, when the “popular saints” festivities are held, and specially on the night of the 12th of June, it’s so crowded I need more than an hour to get from this viewpoint to my front door. The day before yesterday, the stage arrived. On it, locally world famous bands like “Duo Psicose”, “Aikesom” or the “Latinos de Ouro” will do their best to keep people dancing all night. Great days are ahead for my neighborhood.

One Response to Santo Antoninho

  1. jojo says:

    Já comprei o meu manjerico ó-i-ó-ai! 😀


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