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M’Banza Kongo – Capital of the Congo kingdom

 while back, I was in M’Banza Kongo photographing some of the life that currently exists in the former capital of the Congo kingdom. It’s incredible to think that before the arrival of Europeans, an area of four times the size of France was governed from the top of this hill. Just imagine the politics, culture, economy and […]

Uíge – Northern Angola

Uíge is one of Angola’s provinces that borders the DRC, and home to a rich culture. This gallery shows some of its landscapes and people.

The new road: Lunda Norte

This series of photographs documents the life of the people of Lunda Norte, around the newly built road leading to the center of the country.

Discovering Angola

A series of photographs taken in Angola, 10 years after the end of war.

The Dakar Orphans

A series of photographs taken around the Sahara desert, visiting the places the famous Dakar Rally once visited before leaving the continent where its name comes from after an Al-Qaeda security scare in 2008.

Force feeding in Mauritania

Reportage on force feeding, or gavage in Mauritania, originally shot for a piece written by Abigail Haworth for Marie Claire US.