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Room with a view

Looking out or looking in? A look outside, or is it a peak inside? Sharing a moment with an imaginative or a real person? I took this picture at a friend’s place while I was in Brussels, and kind of forgot about it, until I was selecting pictures for the Plaisirs Partag├ęs collective exhibition. As […]


This week I made a selection of photographs made in Belgium for a collective exhibition in March, based on the theme “shared pleasures” and I came across this old favorite of mine. I shot this a couple of years ago at my youngest sister’s wedding. My then still future brother in law was enjoying a […]


10 Jan 2011 / 0 Comments / in almada, boat, ferry, lisbon, river, tejo, window

This is the ferry boat across the Tagus river. It takes thousands of people into Lisbon every morning and back out again in the evening to Almada, or as we jokingly say amongst friends: Morocco. The weekend edition, as seen here, is less cramped, and there’s a couple of very nice restaurants on the other […]