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22 Nov 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

I was recently in Belgium on short notice for a job, and took a week to visit my family and some friends. One of the people I surprised was my mother, who lives in Rotselaar, where I spent a big part of my youth. On my way from the train station to her place, I […]

José Clemente

They sat me next to José Clemente on the bus last weekend, on a day out with Sunday school. At first he kept pretty quiet, but after a while he started telling me his life’s story, working in restaurants and hotels as manager of the wine section and as general manager. Great how almost everyone […]


I met Karina Silva in Luanda in June, where I interviewed her for a piece I did on Angolan women. A couple of days ago, I got a call from an agency asking me if I was available to shoot some photos of a model at the Moda Lisboa fashion event here in Lisbon. It […]


> Yesterday I was in Porto for my daughter Helena’s birthday pick-nick. It’s always a good occasion to see old friends again, and I was very happy to meet Sisi there. She’s one of the first people I met when I moved from Belgium to Portugal. She’s the one who introduced me to my ex-wife, […]

July 21st

>For the Belgians amongst us, the 21st of July is independence day. Not that it’s being celebrated that much in Belgium, but for us, Belgians abroad, it’s always a sign of a reception at the embassador’s residence. This year was no exception. Most people leave early, but this horn player, part of an invited ensemble, […]


>Back in Portugal, I visited my youngest sister who is on vacation in the Alentejo region for a couple of weeks. They rented a house in the countryside for them and their kids. This is her and my brother in law relaxing in the pool while the kids are playing some games.


26 Jun 2010 / 0 Comments / in Angola, court, luanda, night, tennis, woman

> This is the Luanda Tennis Club next to the Coqueiros stadium. Early in the morning, after work, or in the weekend, people come here to have classes or play a game or two of tennis. Here, a couple of women practice their game against the teacher and another student.

Célia Araújo

> Still in Luanda, where I’m working on a small story on Angolan women. This is Célia Araújo, working mother of four, and student. She spent part of her youth in Portugal and moved back to Angola in 2005. This picture was taken at her parent’s place, and as you can see from the table, […]

Odete Tavares

>This is Odete Tavares, the goalkeeper of the national Angolan handball team, who became African champions in Egypt in February. I photographed her just before a game of her team, the 1º de Maio against another local team, Ferrovia at the Ferrovia stadium.

Odete Tavares

11 Jun 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

>This is Odete Tavares, the goalkeeper of the national Angolan handball team