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12 May 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

>This is a portrait of Sare, my oldest sisters’ youngest and my goddaughter, sitting on a bench with one of her rabbits. It’s late afternoon, and the sun sheds some shy rays.

After winter

11 May 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

>I’m still in Belgium, where sights like these abound. Families’ summer stuff still left to be attended to, waiting for warmer days, in gardens, backyards and patios. In a while, children will be having a blast here, but for now, things look like this.

Before the last show

10 May 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

> My sister and my brother in law, inside the sound/light booth at the Leuvense Stadsschouwburg, minutes before the last show of co.Dans on Sunday night, contemplating the end of an era, and the end of a tradition for me as well, as house photographer.

La Villette

07 May 2010 / 1 Comment / in Uncategorized

>This morning I woke up in Paris, at the apartment of a Senegalese family, close to La Villette. It’s May, but the weather in Northern Europe isn’t really showing for it. Here’s the view from the room I slept in.


05 May 2010 / 1 Comment / in Uncategorized

>Today, I visited my mother at her home in the woods, close to where I spent a big chunk of my youth. She was recently declared cured after 5 years of cancer, treatment, ct scans and anxious waiting. A home cooked meal was waiting for me when I arrived with two of my nieces. Here […]


03 May 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

>As tradition dictates, when I’m in Belgium in May, I photograph the ballet shows my sister choreographs. This will be her last with this dance company, so there’s some nostalgy involved. Here’s a picture from one of the rehearsals.


29 Apr 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

>My girlfriend from when I was 16, my first great love and passion visited me some days ago. We had some wonderful, magical moments, and it is strange how you actually still “know” someone, even after a 20+ years hiatus. I took this picture of her during one of our late night chats in Lisbon.


28 Apr 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

>Recently we spent a couple of days in the Alentejo with a couple of friends to escape from the city. Finnish sauna, nature, naturist beach and walks in the country side were what I needed to recharge my batteries and get rid of negative energy that had been accumulating. One of the friends that was […]


27 Apr 2010 / 1 Comment / in Uncategorized

>My first upload had to be this creature I love above anyone else. I remember vividly the day she was born and came to claim her place in my universe. My daughter Helena is now 12, going on 13, and somewhere in between childhood and adulthood, sometimes shifting between the two various times a day, […]